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Unifizer NS3000 Platform Software for RA2300
Unifizer NS3000 Platform Software for RA2300
Connects RA2300 and the PC at existing LAN environment, and enables to remote control functions as data recording and various settings.
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Maintenance Period
Operations such as setting of RA2300 and start of measurement can be controlled from the PC at remote location.
Enables RA2300 to work as a front-end device and transfer/save measured data at real time on HDD of the controlling PC (Max 1ms)
  • * Max capacity: up to approx half the free space of designated HDD of the PC
Users can generate reports of measured data easily.
Multiple measured data files can be replayed simultaneously for data comparison. Also, replayed data can be used for various calculations.
  • Calculations between channels
  • Power
  • Square root
  • Absolute value
  • Common logarithm
  • Exponent
  • RMS
  • Trigonometric function
  • Moving average
Required OS Windows2000 / XP / 7
Applicable Model RA2300
  • LAN
  • Maximum units to control: up to 8 units
Remote Control Mode of RA2300
  • Pen recorder mode
  • HD recorder mode
  • Memory recorder mode
  • Multi recorder mode
  • X-Y recorder mode
Rela-time Data
Transfer Speed
  • 1ms to 1000ms (1ms step), 1 sec or over
  • Max capacity: up to approx half the free space of designated HDD of the PC
  • ** Recommended CPU: 2GHz or better. Data transfer may be slower than the speed set by the PC CPU.
Real-time Data Display Y-T waveform, X-Y waveform (division or overlap displays), digital
Display of Replayed
  • Y-T waveform, X-Y waveform(division or overlap displays), digital
  • Data recorded on mainframes of RA1000 and RA2300. Extensions that can be replayed: .FSD, .FPP, DRT
Cursor Information Readings of value, time/amplitude differences of cursor 1 & 2.
Max and min values between cursors.
Arithmetic Functions Calculations between channels, power, square root, absolute value, common logarithm, exponent, RMS, trigonometric
function, moving average.
File Conversion Conversion to CSV file
Saving/Reading of Recording Condition Files Available for arbitrary files
Remote control via LAN
Any PC can control multiple RA2300s via LAN (up to 8 RA2300s)
Remote control via LAN
Item Model Description
Unifizer Online Basic Set NS3100-P01 For online uses.
Unifizer Offline Set NS3200-P01 Offline use only. Noremote control or real-time functhion available.
Data Acquisition System RA2300
>Data Acquisition System RA2300
Data Acquisition System RA2300
Unique & Easy "Pen Recorder" Mode
Easy operation like a pen recorder by the touch panel and virtual amp controls.
Large 12.1" Display
12.1" TFT color LCD for better visibility of measured data
Direct Sensor Inputs
11 amplifiers for various signals: voltage, strain, temperature, vibration, pressure, F/V, etc.
Long-term Continuous Recording on HDD
Built-in 40GB HDD provides 120 days recording at 10ms sampling on 16 channels
Fast-speed Printer as Standard
Fast printout up to 100mm/sec

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